Clone of How It Works

Each Agent Gold member gets a set of websites (the number of which are determined by their membership level) that are customized to their marketing mix based on their business. Agent Gold’s members get exclusive geographic market areas based on zip code and market niche.

First, Agent Gold is like a tool, and tools are only useful for those who use them. A tool doesn’t do its job if it’s just left on the shelf and never picked up.

Therefore, we’re looking for agents and real estate professionals interested in using new tools. If you’re not interested in using a new tool for your tool chest, do not use Agent Gold. If you are looking for a new tool, do you feel like the leads you’re getting are bad? Do you feel that your business has plateaued and you need a new way of growth? Do you feel like you need to branch out into new markets or models for business? This is why Agent Gold is for you.

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What’s our process?

We own hundreds of real estate premium domain websites. We are not a real estate domain rental company; we offer our members access to their domains and our platform that helps generate leads.

Each one of the domains you utilize links to a real estate lead capture landing page. When you choose your membership level, you decide how many websites you rent each month in the areas you want to market to.

How do we target?

We targeted by the state, by the MSA, by the counties, by the cities or by the zips. Some people may have their market be an entire state, i.e., Delaware, Vermont, or one of these smaller states. And some may just target individual or a handful of zips, for example, those that might live in New York City, Houston, or Los Angeles. When you’re an Agent Gold member, you can choose exactly what markets you will own with the domains you pick.

How do people find the website?

Well, the number one way is you tell them. As we mentioned, Agent Gold is a tool. It is not a passive tool. It will not likely drive a lot of traffic organically to your website. You will have to use this in your marketing materials, but you will also get some organic traffic and some direct navigation.

Why would someone want to use Agent Gold’s domains over their own website?

First, our premium domains are easy to remember. Instead of putting your business’s domain name, which might be long, hard to spell or difficult to remember, our easy-to-remember domain names can help you.

Second, it’s a way of adding additional branding. Our domains can help position you as an expert in the field.

Third, it’s cheaper than buying a premium domain. Instead of buying a domain for thousands of dollars, ours are cheaper and as little as a dollar a month per domain. At this cost, it’s even less expensive than buying a regular, non-premium domain.