Powerful Niche Marketing For Real Estate Agents and Brokers

The AgentGold™ marketing system comprised of hundreds of premium niche focused non branded websites designed to help serious real estate agents and brokers connect with real estate consumers.

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There's Riches in the Niches!

 How does AgentGold™ help real estate agents and brokers?


AgentGold™ websites direct local real estate home buyers and sellers to contact you.

Our premium network of real estate niche focused websites attracts people looking for real estate help who are then directed to contact you.


AgentGold™websites position you as the go-to niche expert in your local real estate market. 

Want to be known as the top real estate expert in your local real estate market? Why not have a domain name that reflects that? Select from our list of domains that will help you to position yourself as an expert in a niche for your market.


AgentGold™websites build your brand in your local real estate market

No matter if you're an up-and-coming agent or a decades-old real estate veteran, you can always benefit from building your brand.  AgentGold™ helps give you unique and exclusive ways to build your brand with real estate buyers and sellers in your local real estate market.


AgentGold™websites generate new business opportunities

Branding and website traffic alone doesn't mean anything if it doesn't convert into to new business. Our websites, call to actions and follow up systems help you connect with new customers that will lead to solid business relationships with home buyers and sellers.

you Get Exclusive Territories

AgentGold™ website territories are based on zip codes with only one real estate agent per zip code for a site.

You get Coaching

As a member, you get coached and instructed on how to use the AgentGold™ websites to get the maximum benefit.

You Can create marketing Partnerships

You can team up (ie mortgage lenders,  insurance agents, inspectors and more) to extend your marketing reach.

You get Coaching

As a member, you get coached and instructed on how to use the AgentGold™ websites to get the maximum benefit.

Get Paid To help us grow!

Opportunities exist for smart real estate professionals to build their network through AgentGold™ and get paid!  Ask us for details.

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