Why You Need AgentGold™

Did you know that…

The typical REALTOR® brought in no inquiries and business directly from their website.

In 2020 54% of ALL REALTORS® received NO Customer Inquiries From Their Website!  That was the same percentage as 2019.  26% responded that they only received 1-5 inquiries!  Don’t be like them!!!

But Wait! In 2021 57% of ALL REALTORS® received NO Customer Inquiries From Their Website!  27% responded that they only received 1-5 inquiries!   It is getting worse!

And one more thing…  ONLY 1% of REALTOR® websites generated 100+ customer inquiries in 2021.

So why so many real estate websites failing?  It’s because most real estate professionals are clueless when it comes to using their website effectively.


As I am writing this, I just checked and just in January 2023 alone we had 478 sign ups on our IDX site (and that does not include any other inquires that have been generated). 

So take control of your website marketing – use AgentGold™.

With AgentGold™ you get coaching on how to effectively use the system.

With AgentGold™ you get mentoring.  We share from our experience what we have (and what we are doing right now) to generate more business from the Internet.

(the coaching and the mentoring are worth the price alone)

With AgentGold™ you have tools to help position yourself as the ‘go to’ professional for the niche(s) you want to dominate.

With AgentGold™ you get to use our niche focused unbranded (premium domain) websites in your marketing and advertising that are easy to remember.

With AgentGold™ you have hundreds of real estate, mortgage, and insurance focused websites working for you to reach new real estate get multiple opportunities to reach real estate home buyers and sellers…  Hundreds of sites That can direct consumers to you!

With AgentGold™ you can team up for marketing with lenders, insurance agents and others… This is a great way to extend your marketing.  You are not limited by the amount of teams you want to create.

With AgentGold™ you get protected territories in our network. Website inquiries and directed leads are not shared with other professionals.

You might ask yourself, Can’t I do this myself?  Sure…  and you can spend a whole lot more!  So instead of paying $1,000s for a premium website domains, you can use ours pay as low as $97/month to use a website domain from our network.   Secure Your Territory Today