Why You Should Use - AgentGold™

Why would someone want to use AgentGold™ websites over their own website?

As a real estate agent or broker, lender, or insurance agent, why should you use AgentGold™? What will they get out of our systems?

  • First, our premium domains are easy to remember. Instead of putting your business’s domain name, which might be long, hard to spell or difficult to remember, our easy-to-remember domain names can help you.
  • Second, it’s a way of adding additional branding. Our domains can help position you as an expert in the field.
  • Third, it’s cheaper than buying a premium domain. Instead of buying a domain for thousands of dollars, ours are cheaper and as little as a dollar a month per domain. At this cost, it’s even less expensive than buying a regular, non-premium domain.

When You Use AgentGold™ You Can …

  1. Connect to those in other industries. Are you a real estate agent? AgentGold™ will help connect you to other lenders and insurance agents in your industry. Are you a lender? Get connected to agents who need your services and who can provide you buyers needing loans!  Are you an insurance agent? Find out about people who need to get property insurance on their new primary or second home, or investment property from lender and real estate agent
  2. Receive and give referrals from others in your industry. AgentGold™ is a nationwide network. Have a client who is moving out of your area but don’t know who to refer them to?  The AgentGold™ network is an excellent place to start and find that referral!
  3. Make and receive referrals from others outside your industry. You can make and receive referrals from anyone in our network, not just those in your industry.
  4. Generate leads from consumers interested in your services. The AgentGold™ network of websites provides you and your team with leads directly from the consumer.
  5. Brand yourself with premium URLs. AgentGold™ is a network of hundreds of premium URLs. Your business gets to utilize these domains for your preferred geographic area for a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase one yourself. So instead of paying $1,000s for a website domain, you can pay as low as $1/month to use a website domain from our network.
  6. Get your protected territories in our network. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels where everyone is fighting for the same and overlapping areas, AgentGold™ allows you the ability to own your territory on our network.

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